The manufacture and sales of felt-tip pen, marking nib, cosmetic nib.
AuBEX is, have always tireless passion for manufacturing, it will continue to support the future of life.

AuBEX aims to be a company that helps to create an affluent society. To this end, we work earnestly to create proposals grounded in science and culture, two areas indispensable to our everyday lives.


Eiichi Shibusawa, the founder of AuBEX
(from the Shibusawa Memorial Museum)

Serving people and society with integrity

AuBEX founder Eiichi Shibusawa stressed in his book Rongo to Soroban (The Analects of Confucius and the Abacus), “Wealth originates from righteousness and morality. No other wealth could endure completely or for long.”
Following this principle, AuBEX believes that the value of a company’s existence lies in its method of making positive contributions to people and society, irrespective of how technology progresses or how advanced the times are.

いつの時代も、可能性をあきらめず、 まっすぐに。

Yanagishima Branch Plant of Tokyo Hat K.K.
(from the Shibusawa Memorial Museum)

Moving straight forward through each age, never giving up on possibilities

AuBEX has been in business through all the eras of modern Japanese history.It has faced numerous hardships since its founding, such as wars, repeated economic downturns, major earthquakes, the wartime destruction of all its factories, the decline in the popularity of fedora hats, oil crises, and the collapse of the bubble economy. In spite of these hardships over the years, our predecessors always found a way to overcome adversity with integrity and an unyielding spirit.
AuBEX is especially proud of its integrity and unyielding spirit. They are two values that stand as irreplaceable assets we always pass on to the next generation.


Seeking to offer more useful products of higher quality

AuBEX has always sought to offer “more useful products of higher quality” in a bid to create an affluent society. We believe there are four elements essential to achieving this goal: planning and development to create new ideas, technological development to put these ideas into practice, production technology to create reliable products, and quality control to improve product quality further. We approach our daily manufacturing operations with the same integrity and unyielding spirit that have been passed down over the years in our pursuit of “more useful products of higher quality.”


Expanding the future through manufacturing

Our company name, AuBEX, is a composite word that combines “aube,” the French word for “dawn,” and the letter “X”, which implies possibility and the future. Together, they form a name which means the “dawn of new possibilities” and “expanding the future.”
AuBEX aims to become a company that helps to create an affluent society. We will continue working as a company to expand our future through manufacturing by “communicating our aspirations to people and responding to their aspirations” with integrity and unyielding spirit.