The manufacture and sales of felt-tip pen, marking nib, cosmetic nib.
AuBEX is, have always tireless passion for manufacturing, it will continue to support the future of life.

Shaping Center (AuBEX TECHNOLOGY)

We are carrying out precision grinding of stationary pen tip and cosmetic tip.
April 1,1987
50,000,000 yen
Tadaoki Kiuchi, President
354-1 Kawarago, Shiroi-shi, Chiba, Japan (AuBEX TECHNOLOGY Inc.)

AuBEX TECHNOLOGY, which is the processing base of the AuBEX Group, uses precision grinding in various shapes as a relatively soft control core made of synthetic resin or chemical fiber as a stationary pen tip or cosmetic tip. By using original grinding processing technology and image inspection equipment, we are achieving high quality, high precision product processing. We will respond to various demands of customers by technology that we have cultivated over many years.