The manufacture and sales of felt-tip pen, marking nib, cosmetic nib.
AuBEX is, have always tireless passion for manufacturing, it will continue to support the future of life.

Use of technology and materials properties

Our extrusion technology can control the wettability by utilizing the capillary action.
In the portable type disposable infusion pump (infuser), and systolic pressure of the balloon containing the liquid, by utilizing a control tube that applies hydrodynamics, that even without power, flow can control persistently a certain amount of liquid.
A superior product can be created by taking advantage of the benefit of material and applying them into application.
Know-how that has been generated from our unique technology is used in various fields such as medical, construction, electronics manufacturing site.
We will be happy to support for the problem-solving by joint research and technological analysis.


Flow rate design

You can use precision profile extrusion tube as a tool to control the flow rate of the liquid or the like. Our flow control tube, the inner diameter and the cross-sectional shape, length, by appropriately selecting the material, we can adjust the flow rate of the liquid flowing per unit time freely.

Flow adjustment control

By using multiple different flow control tubes with flow setting, by changing the combination, you can adjust the flow rate of the liquid flowing in multiple stages. In our technology, for example using four flow control tube, and can be the flow rate adjustment of 12 stages.

Wettability control

In the guide wire to be inserted into a blood vessel, if the surface layer is not hydrophilic, homogeneous performance can not be obtained. We have been conducting extensive research for surface wettability improvement technology. We are also working on technology to make the surface water-repellent.

By utilizing engineering plastics, chemical fibers in combination with synthetic resin, we manufacture the capillary tube for various applications. Shape design for many years cultivated by own technology, generated the capillary pores size management which allows a precision flow control.
Stationery is a matter of course, we have gotten such a high evaluation and trust in the medical and cosmetic business field. This flow control technology has a lot of potential in other areas that require birth of new products.
Under the thought that "freely flow", we are working to further technology development and new applications development.

Fiber made control tube

Our fiber nib production technology can create the three-dimensional network structure with the combination of polyester, nylon, acrylic with own developed technology.
We can make your original products by making unique nib point shape according to the application customers require.

Synthetic resin made control tube

Our extrusion technology can make various capillary design by using engineering plastics, elastomers, polypropylene. We offer the best workable design to supply the required emission rate in accordance with the liquid and applications to be used.

Where to use

It can be a variety of structural design. A wide range of applications is characterized as writing pen nibs, cosmetics nibs, coating brush, filters and liquid control tube.

Pressurized liquid medicine injector
Eyeliner tip
Stylus pen tip
A wide variety of applications are available by combining the technology, unique construction and best selected material.
We wish to provide our advanced technologies and solutions capability that can support your product developments.
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