The manufacture and sales of felt-tip pen, marking nib, cosmetic nib.
AuBEX is, have always tireless passion for manufacturing, it will continue to support the future of life.

AuBEX Corporation (the "Company") recognizes the importance of the rights and interests of individuals. For this reason, the Company has stipulated the following Privacy Policy to ensure the proper handling of personal information. The Company works to ensure that its officers, employees, and other staff members are aware of the contents of the Privacy Policy, and that personal information is protected appropriately.

  1. The Company shall strictly observe the laws, regulations, and other social norms related to personal information, its internal rules on protecting and managing personal information, and other internal rules.
  2. The Company shall manage personal information appropriately and implement safety control measures to guard against the risk of unauthorized access to this information, its leakage or loss, or damage thereto.
  3. We always strive to protect personal information by managing it in the following way.
    1. EEENotification and official announcement of the purpose of use
      The Company shall specify the purpose for using personal information to the greatest extent possible. When obtaining personal information, the Company shall officially announce in advance the purpose for using this information, notify the person of the purpose, or officially announce the purpose immediately after obtaining the information.
    2. EEEObtaining and handling personal information
      The Company shall obtain personal information through proper means and handle this information within the scope of the specified purpose.
    3. EEEProvision to a third party
      Personal data shall not be provided to a third party without the approval of the person, except in the case of the consignment of business activities or the like.
    4. EEEResponse to requests for notification, disclosure, etc.
      In general, the Company shall respond without delay to a request from a person for notification of the purpose of use of the personal data owned by the Company or for its disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, suspension of use, erasure, or suspension of provision to third parties.
  4. The Company shall regularly review its initiatives for protecting personal information to improve them.
  5. In the event of a serious complaint, etc., senior managers shall personally strive to solve the problem. They shall investigate the cause and take corrective measures immediately to prevent the recurrence of the problem and disclose accurate information promptly. Senior managers shall also establish a system for responding appropriately and promptly to complaints concerning the handling of personal information.