The manufacture and sales of felt-tip pen, marking nib, cosmetic nib.
AuBEX is, have always tireless passion for manufacturing, it will continue to support the future of life.

Technical information

We started nib production in 1958 and have high recognition as one of the leading nib manufacturers of writing instruments in the world. Starting with the development of medical device and sales of the infuser (pressurized pharmaceutical injector) in 1996, we have been receiving inquiries from customers that they want to divert microfluidic control technology to be used for customer's new product developments. Then, not only in the medical field from the established medical equipment production system such as EOG sterilization or clean room, including cosmetics products, we are increasingly utilize our technology in a wide range of new business fields.

In December 2016, to aggregate the technical development department that had been scattered, we established a new research and development center (Chiba New Tech Center). We are willing to offer the technical support and analysis to meet with customer's requirement aiming at solving problems.

Molding, Extrusion, Fiber heat forming technologies are here of support for processing improvement, analysis, we will cooperate as the center of the process design support (production in a clean room, etc.) to your problem-solving.

Our precision profile extrusion molding, three-dimensional network structure fine capillary molding can not be imitated by other companies. Together with you, we will create the products considered to be co-developed which have the world's highest level of technology.

Our advanced management medical equipment production facility (class Ⅳ) can also correspond to advanced production, technical requirements.