The manufacture and sales of felt-tip pen, marking nib, cosmetic nib.
AuBEX is, have always tireless passion for manufacturing, it will continue to support the future of life.

Research and technical support

We started nib business for in the writing instrument first and then, expanded business fields to other industrial products like cosmetics make-up business and the stylus pen nib business in the IT industry. We continued to further expand our business to medical field and strive to develop a wide range of products such as the guide wire, the infuser and advanced medical equipment in the medical industry.

Taking advantage of these know-how that we have piled up, we are pleased to provide better service for the customers to solve troubled issues and technical problems.

Technical support

If you face an opportunity for the need of your trouble solution in terms of the development stage of new products, please contact us. We are pleased to serve you in the know-how, analysis including an electron microscope, suggestions to solve problems, we will carry out technical support for the development of new products and new technologies.
Feel free to ask us from "contact us".

About joint research and joint development

With respect to new technologies and new product development, it is also possible to undertake a joint research and joint development if required.
Based on our product technology (such as a tube or a three-dimensional network structure), we can make a new design and development and it will correspond flexibly and joint patent application if mutually agreed.

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